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Opening of new Whitney Museum highlights Pereira

Pereira, "Boat Composite,"  circa 1932,  is in the center slightly to the left)

Pereira, “Boat Composite,”
(circa 1932, is in the center slightly to the left)

Excerpt from the April 30, 2015, New York Times review of the Whitney opening in Manhattan:

The Whitney is palpably a different order of achievement. Art looks better here, to my eyes, than it did in the old Whitney, and it is amazingly comfortable to be in. I didn’t understand this fully until last Friday night, my third time inside the building. To cite but a few:  Among the works unfamiliar to me were I. Rice Pereira’s “Boat Composite,” a large, vivie yet grisaille canvas from 1932 that dominates a gallery of Precisionist paintings and photographs with its bold scale and paint handling, learning from Fernand Léger while presaging the great late works of Stuart Davis and Philip Guston.

“New Whitney Museum Signifies a Changing New York Art Scene,” by Roberta Smith